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The Benefits of Using NDIS Support Worker Platforms

The Benefits of Using NDIS Support Worker Platforms

Tiare L.
15 Aug 2023 •
6 min read
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The rise of contractor platforms in the NDIS space has really changed the game for Support Workers. The locked-in, working-for-the-man daily grind feels somewhat behind us by now. With new technology platforms, it’s easier than ever to be your own boss and make your own schedule. 

NDIS platforms like Kynd remove the middleman, connecting Support Workers directly with NDIS Participants. You get more independence, more money in your pocket, insurance, smarter safeguards, verified Participant clients, support and credibility.

It’s easy to see why so many Support Workers prefer using online platforms over being employed! Let's explore some of the many benefits of NDIS worker platforms.

So What Kind Of NDIS Platforms Are Available?

There are mainly two types of NDIS Support Worker platforms:

  1. Contractor Platforms - where you're independent, you work for yourself and you have the benefit of much lower fees and higher hourly earnings.
  2. Employment Platforms - where you're a casual employee of the platform and typically paid award wage or sometimes slightly above the award.

The core difference between these two types of NDIS Support Worker platforms is your employment status. There are platforms that add you as a casual employee, but most platforms offer a service to independent Support Workers and clients.

Interestingly, on employment platforms, you are typically never guaranteed any work as an "employee". You're also often not paid for applying to job posts from their clients or doing extra admin work for the companies requirements, such as writing shift notes and other things.

So employment platforms aren't like typical employment with guaranteed income.

Benefits Of Using NDIS Support Worker Platforms

You Get To Be Your Own Boss

If you set yourself up as an independent Support Worker, rather than being employed by an organisation, you get just that – a lot more independence, freedom and flexibility. You pick your clients, you set your rates, you decide your schedule, how much super you'll pay (if any) and set the hours you want to work… 

“Kynd has just given me this simplicity and freedom to do the stuff I like to do and find clients that are the right fit for me.”

Shane - Support worker on kynd

Support Workers on Kynd love the work/life balance that comes with being an independent contractor running a micro-business. They can apply for job posts that fall in line with their experience and skill set, and choose the clients they work with.

There’s No Compromise On Safety 

When joining online platforms like Kynd, Support Workers get their Government Photo ID, Police Checks, First Aid Certificate and ABN verifications checked.

(NDIS Participants are also verified to ensure they are, indeed, Participants!)

These checks are ongoing, to make sure everyone stays up-to-date and verified.

In addition, everyone who uses Kynd agrees to the NDIS Code of Conduct requirements and our terms of use, which offer consistency and protection. 

And there’s no need to share your personal phone number—you can use Kynd’s secure and private messaging function to chat with NDIS Participants and Support Coordinators. It's life and sometimes relationships aren't right, so this helps.

Check out everything included in our Smart Safety system.

More Money In Your Pocket

So long dreaded conversation with your boss you rehearsed in the shower about getting THAT pay rise. You’re your own boss, so you'll set your own hourly rate. 

If you're employed or using an NDIS employment platform, be sure to check out how much they charge NDIS Participants and how much you are paid per hour. You'll likely find the percentage they keep from your efforts is astronomically high!

Kynd also charges a much lower fee than traditional NDIS providers, which means more cash in your pocket. Especially if you Bring Your Own (BYO) clients! 

So if you’re already working with someone, you can bring them over to a platform. It’s easy for them to get set up, and it lets you manage all your clients in one place. 

At Kynd, you get guaranteed fortnightly payments too, which still help you get a regular cashflow. There’s no waiting around for unpaid invoices, which is stressful! 

Hassle-Free Admin

The one downside to being an independent worker can be the paperwork and legalities involved. Lucky for you, platforms often come with a few perks built in – for example, our booking and our invoicing tool. Less paperwork for you to keep things simple! 

Our technology also helps you manage your bookings and all your client invoicing, doing all the hard work in the background while keeping it simple for Support Workers and Participants. Looking for one-click invoicing? Well, that's inside Kynd.

NDIS Insurance Package

The same goes for Support Worker cover…some platforms can have it built in.

At Kynd for example, we’ve done the leg work and partnered with Keystone, an allied health and disability support industry insurer - much easier than having to figure out which type of Support Worker insurance you need on your own!

You’re Always Supported

Starting out on your own can be a little daunting. No manager or colleagues to ask questions if you get thrown an NDIS-related curveball. 

This is one of the reasons why we have created a strong support network at Kynd.

We know it, the NDIS can be convoluted and confusing at best, so we have a team available to chat anytime on the phone or via email – whichever suits you best. 

There is also a truckload of resources on our website, and more importantly, you’re part of an amazing and growing independent Support Worker community!

It Simplifies Your Work

You don’t need a giant network to find clients when you’re using NDIS platforms. You just log on, browse available job posts, express your interest and wait for a match!

It makes you look more professional too – the checks that come with a platform like Kynd are serious reassurance for NDIS Participants and Support Coordinators – you’ve got the tick of approval. 

It’s faster, too - most of the jobs advertised on Kynd are filled in a matter of days, sometimes hours. And once you've matched with a client, everyone is on the same page – Participants and Support Workers all see the exact dates, times, hourly rates, total price and services you've agreed. 

That's the beauty of NDIS contractor platforms.

How can we help?

Kynd is an NDIS platform to help people find the right support and work, all with smart safeguards. Learn about Kynd for NDIS Participants and Support Workers >

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