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How To Find New NDIS Clients As A Support Worker

How To Find New NDIS Clients As A Support Worker

Jacob MG.
13 Jul 2022 •
5 min read
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Finding NDIS clients is undoubtedly one of the most challenging aspects of becoming an independent Support Worker.

But before you drag a milk crate and a megaphone to your nearest street corner to drum up business (don’t knock it ‘til you try it!), we’ve compiled a nifty list of all the ways you can build your NDIS client base.

From word of mouth to social media, it’s all here. Here’s how to find new NDIS clients as an independent Support Worker!

Word Of Mouth

The first thing you want to do to find new NDIS clients is to let your network know!

Make sure your friends and family know you are working as a Support Worker and are looking for work—they might be able to help you make new connections, so don’t be shy and make sure to put your name out there.

Anyone you meet during your day-to-day could recommend you to someone they know, so make sure you take any opportunity to let people know you’re a support worker who is looking to find new NDIS clients.

Tip - Let your current NDIS clients know that you are looking for new clients, so they can also recommend you to their contacts! Current and past clients are a great source of referrals and people are more likely to get in touch if you are referred by someone they know.

Online Platforms And Social Media

There’s a variety of online channels you can use to promote yourself and your business:

All of these channels require a lot of upkeep and a bit of upfront investment (looking at you, personal website fees...!).

The advantage of creating a profile on Kynd is that it's free to join. There are no upfront costs; you can just set up a profile, browse NDIS Participant jobs, and build your NDIS client base ASAP!


Building A New Network

Want to meet new NDIS clients who might need your help? A good way to do that is to hang out in all the places where NDIS clients tend to hang out. Chat to people that your potential clients are speaking with, so they can recommend you.

For example:

  • Meet with NDIS support coordinators and NDIS plan managers;
  • Visit community centres, who often host activities for people with a disability;
  • Contact disability support services such as those offered by not-for-profits;
  • Visit carer respite centres and carer groups; and,
  • Get in touch with multicultural groups, church groups, RSLs, etc. 

It’s also a good idea for you to meet with other NDIS support workers, as they might come across NDIS clients they can’t take on themselves (e.g. due to a schedule clash) and recommend you instead. 

Presentation Is Key

Before you start marketing yourself, it’s important to think how you present yourself to the world. A really quick and easy way to do this is to set up a profile on Kynd!

All Support Workers on Kynd have personalised profiles where they can add their hobbies, the types of support they provide, their professional experience—all of this makes it super easy to match with the right NDIS Participants and build your NDIS client base.

You could also think about handing out business cards or pamphlets to pass on to people.

This might include:

  • a short biography letting people know who you are and what makes you a great support worker;
  • one or two reviews;
  • your availability and the suburbs or areas you are happy to travel to;
  • some eye-catching images;
  • the I <3 NDIS logo;
  • your rate and your contact details. 

Writing about yourself can be daunting sometimes but it’s important to convey your personality to potential clients—your bio can talk about your past experience, what made you decide to become an NDIS support worker, the type of support you offer, any special areas of interest (e.g. craft-based activities), and so on.

Keep Your Info Up To Date

Make sure you keep your details up to date. Whether it's on your business card, online, on your Kynd profile…you want people to be able to find you!

Ensure all the information you present is easy to read, has no spelling mistakes, and is professional so that people want to get in touch with you!

How can we help?

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