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The Safety & Benefits of NDIS Platforms

The Safety & Benefits of NDIS Platforms

Jacob MG.
09 Aug 2023 •
4 min read
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If you're an NDIS Participant with Self or Plan Managed funding and the flexibility to choose your Support Workers, there are many ways you can find support.

You could try a traditional agency, use an online platform like Kynd, put a poster in your local laundry (not recommended!) or even ask your friends and your family

Let's discuss the safety benefits of one of those options - online Support Worker platforms and why so many NDIS Participants are using them to find support.

What Is An NDIS Support Worker Platform?

Online platforms like Kynd help NDIS Participants connect with Support Workers, who are often independent contractors running their own NDIS service.

Typically offered in the form of an app and website platform, online platforms bring together Independent Support Workers from a diverse range of people and backgrounds, displaying them all in one handy spot for you to browse through.

You can use filters and sort Support Workers based on your individual needs.

Maybe you want a Support Worker for your teenage son that has an interest in gaming and basketball and a current WWCC check - an online platform gives you the flexibility to choose people based on those specific needs and their profiles.

Are Support Worker Platforms NDIS Registered?

People and Organisations can apply to become Registered NDIS Providers. So, some online platforms and Support Workers are NDIS-registered, and some are not.

However, it’s important to note that most NDIS Providers are not registered.

There's no right answer. What suits you might not suit someone else.

The magic of the NDIS is that you're empowered with the choice!

Unregistered does not mean unreliable or unprofessional.

As most NDIS Participants are now using a Self or Plan Managed funding type, the majority of NDIS Participants are able to use unregistered Providers - and they do!

Are Online Platforms Safe?

The wonderful thing about online NDIS Platforms is that with technology you can access a suite of in-built safeguards, ongoing verifications and controls.

For example, check out what Kynd gives you.

Using online platforms like Kynd offers solutions to help maximise your safety.

Whereas, if you're hiring or booking Support Workers from Facebook Groups (or that local laundry poster!), there are typically few upfront or ongoing safety checks.

When Participants and Independent Support Workers connect without a platform, there are often no safety controls, financial protections or third-party oversights in relationships.

Not using platform support can often lead to challenges in support relationships for both Participants and their Support Workers - and less transparency.

Problems surface within verifications, bookings, insurances, invoices, payments, chasing debts, communications, professional boundaries and general safety.  

There are ways to feel confident you are choosing the right support. Most agencies and online platforms take extra steps to verify the people using their services.

Without a Support Platform, What Can Go Wrong?

Sadly with any nationwide scheme like the NDIS, there are always people, businesses and workers who will try to 'cheat the system' or the people relying on it. It's happened in childcare, education, aged care, flood relief packages and the list goes on.

That's why safety matters and using a platform offers greater protections.

Here are stories we've heard from NDIS Participants when not using an NDIS platform.

  • People offering services with fake National Police Certificates
  • People offering services to children without Working With Children Checks
  • People sending false and duplicate invoices to Plan Managers
  • Support Workers or Participants being spammed or harassed via SMS texts
  • People offering 'fraudulent' services, like directly hiring a family member
  • Organisations forcing NDIS Participants to use all of their NDIS services

It's an unfortunate reality and that's why safety matters.

Safety Benefits Of Using Kynd

The safety features of online platforms vary from platform to platform.

Generally, most online Support Worker platforms have basic safeguards, like Support Worker verification processes, and ongoing monitoring.

But we can only speak for the safety benefits with Kynd.

Our Smart Safeguards

We've designed Kynd to offer you the best of both worlds - flexibility and real choice, with built-in NDIS safeguards. Here are some of those safety benefits:

Verified Workers -
All independent Support Workers undergo verifications before starting.

See Profiles Upfront -
View detailed worker profiles, get to know people, and choose who you trust.

Private Messaging -
Avoid the risk of sharing numbers by using Kynd's secure chat messaging.

Meet & Greets -
Wherever it's suitable, we encourage people to initially ‘meet up’ in public.

NDIS Code of Conduct -
Everyone on Kynd has agreed to the NDIS Code of Conduct requirements.

Official Agreements -
Everyone agrees to our Terms of Use, offering extra protections using Kynd.

Support Booking Info -
Agree dates, times and your rates upfront on Kynd to prevent issues.

Pre-Approve Invoices -
Every single booking is approved by Participants before we send invoices.

Phone & Email Support -
We're just a click or call away! Benefit from having a third party in the loop.

100% Your Choice -
Best of all, you're in control. Make decisions based on what suits you.


When using an online Support Worker platform like Kynd, you have plenty of choice and control over the support you choose, with extra NDIS safeguards.

Different people, parents, Support Coordinators and Participants often needs different things, so you've got options and can choose what's right for you!

How can we help?

Kynd is an NDIS platform to help people find the right support and work, all with smart safeguards. Learn about Kynd for NDIS Participants and Support Workers >

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