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Insurance Cover

For the convenience of Support Workers, we have insurance cover available. Support Workers benefit with platform insurance coverage for their services with NDIS Participants that are booked and paid for via the Kynd platform.


What’s Included?

We’ve partnered with Keystone, an allied health and disability support industry insurer, with policies secured and underwritten by Lloyds of London. Subject to the insurance policies inclusions, exclusions, other conditions and Kynd’s Terms of Use, the coverage levels available  for Support Workers using Kynd include:

  •   Group Public Liability ($20 million)
  •   Group Professional Liability ($5 million)

This information is a summary only. Kynd cannot provide general or personal financial or insurance advice. Full policy information, documents and wording of the policy terms and conditions is available for Support Workers on request.


Insurance Eligibility

As a Support Worker on Kynd, to be eligible for insurance cover, you’ll need:

  •   First Aid Training (Certificate issued within the past 3 years); or
  •   Cert III in Individual Support (Disability, Ageing or Community Care); or
  •   A related or higher qualification to the above Certificate III; or
  •   A Degree in Nursing.

You’ll be able to upload one or more of these documents when joining.

If you have any questions on eligibility, just get in touch with our team!


Important FAQs

Do I really need insurance?

Yes! As a self-employed Support Worker offering people support services, you do need insurance to protect yourself from any claims or unexpected scenario.

Am I covered through Kynd?

Once you’re a verified Support Pro, you’re able to start and know that you’re covered, subject to policy eligibility, inclusions and exclusions and our Terms of Use. You will not have cover for support booked or invoiced outside of Kynd.

The Inclusions & Exclusions?

Visit the Support Worker Help Centre to see inclusions and exclusions.

Policy Information & Excess?

Support Workers are responsible for any excess payable on claims. Full policy information is available for Support Workers using Kynd. Please get in touch.

Can I organise extra cover?

If you’d like to obtain additional insurance cover for your specific personal needs, special or excluded activities, travel insurance, personal injury, income protection or anything else… as a Sole Trader Business, that’s your choice!



For Participants

We encourage all NDIS Participants and Members to obtain their own insurance to provide cover in respect of any liability, including damage or loss to property and/or death of or injury to any person or Support Worker at your property, whether or not caused by you, a Support Worker or any third-party.

This may be a home and contents policy with the relevant liability extensions and/or a household workers policy in your state or other insurance policies.

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