Insurance Cover

For the convenience of Support Workers, we have insurance cover available. Support Workers benefit with platform insurance coverage for their services with NDIS Participants that are booked and paid for via the Kynd platform.

What’s Included?

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Group Public Liability ($20 million)
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Group Professional Liability ($5 million)

Insurance Eligibility

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For Participants

Important FAQs

Do I really need insurance?

Yes! As a self-employed Support Worker offering various support services for NDIS Participants, you need insurance to help protect yourself from any unexpected claims, accidents or other scenarios. With Kynd, you benefit with insurance already set up.

Am I covered through Kynd?

Once you’re a verified Support Worker on Kynd, you’re able to start and know you are covered, subject to policy eligibility, all inclusions and exclusions and our Terms of Use.

You will not have cover for services that are booked or invoiced outside of Kynd.

The Inclusions & Exclusions?

Visit the Support Worker Help Centre to see inclusions and exclusions.

Policy Information & Excess?

Support Workers are responsible for any excess payable on claims. Full policy details and the current excess rate is available for Support Workers using Kynd. Please get in touch.

Can I organise extra cover?

Yes! If you’d like to obtain extra insurance cover for your specific personal needs, special or excluded activities, travel insurance, personal injury, income protection, or anything else… as a self-employed Support Worker, that’s entirely your choice!

Need a little help?

Check out our Help Centre with helpful guides, answers and insights.

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