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Agree your hourly rates together and benefit from the lowest service fees available.

Standard - 12%

Service Fee Kept by Kynd
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Participant pays hourly rate
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One total fee. Provider keeps 88%
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Invoicing & payments by Kynd
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Providers paid every fortnight
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BYO Option - 7%

Service Fee Kept by Kynd
Know someone? Add Clients or Providers and use Kynd together.
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Find a great match, agree your rates and get rolling. It’s easy for Participants, Coordinators and Support Workers, without confusing extra fees or surprises!

Cool, what’s the difference?

Sounds cool, what’s the difference?

Say goodbye to the confusion and hassle - life’s simple on Kynd

Add NDIS support roster and booking requests in 30 seconds. See everything in one place, make changes or cancel. Lower fees also mean happier support teams!
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Personalise Rates

Use different rates with different clients or workers, based on what’s valuable for you.

Booking Protection

Support Workers submit each booking for Participants to approve before we invoice.

Guaranteed Payout

Kynd sends payments to Support Workers fortnightly for all your Approved bookings.
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What People Are Saying

  • Jane support

    “Fantastic and very supportive group. Kynd’s NDIS app is simple, easy to use. These guys make my work a breeze!

    Jane - Support Worker

  • Deb participants mum

    “Believe me, I had a few companies prior to Kynd. They just were not suited. Kynd should be your first choice.”

    Deb - Participant’s Mum

  • Mikhale support worker

    “I recommend Kynd to my friends and other Support Workers just because it’s the easy and efficient way to do things”

    Mikhail - Support Worker

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re thinking about it...maybe we’ve already answered it!

What types of NDIS funding do I need to use Kynd?

Kynd is designed for NDIS Participants with Plan-Managed or Self-Managed funding.

Unfortunately, we’re not able to help Participants with NDIA/Agency-Managed funds.

If you have NDIA-managed funds and your funding type changes, you can use Kynd!

What types of hourly rates do Support Workers charge?

All Support Workers using Kynd are self-employed, so they set their own rates.

Hourly rates vary between individual Support Workers and the supports they provide. 

You can signup free to browse rates of Support Workers in you region or suburb.

Different people might list a different 'base rate' based on factors like qualifications, experience, specialists skills, location and more. You can also mutually agree rates!

Some NDIS support services are subject to the 'NDIS Pricing Arrangements'.

How do invoices and Support Worker payments work?

Kynd handles all invoices to Participants and payments to Support Workers.

Support Workers submit their finalised bookings. Participants then review it, before approving it. Once approved, Kynd will send invoices to Participants (if Self-Managed, directly to the Account holder or if Plan Managed, to the nominated Plan Manager).

Support Workers are sent guaranteed fortnightly payments for approved bookings.

Payments on Thursdays include bookings if 'approved' by 11.59pm on the Monday.

Everyone gets notified along the way - it's simple!

How do I add an existing Client or Support Worker?

Great question! Learn about our BYO Option.

You're able to add existing NDIS Clients or Support Workers.

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