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How to Choose Your NDIS Plan Manager

How to Choose Your NDIS Plan Manager

Jess C.
09 Jul 2023 •
6 min read
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Choosing an NDIS Plan Manager is an essential piece of the NDIS puzzle if your funding is plan-managed. A great Plan Manager will make your life simpler!

So it’s critical that you choose the right NDIS Plan Manager for your circumstances. But with so many Plan Managers out there, deciding which one suits your needs can be tricky.

How do you pick a Plan Manager? Let’s dive into the importance of choosing the right Plan Manager and what to look for when selecting one you like.

Why Is Choosing The Right NDIS Plan Manager Important? 

Plan Managers are responsible for managing your NDIS plan and paying NDIS Service Providers. They have access to all your details, including your NDIS plan. That’s why it’s critical to find a Plan Manager you can trust with all your info.

Everyone will have different priorities to consider when choosing a Plan Manager, but there are some general attributes that above-average Plan Manager have.

A good Plan Manager should: 

  • Pay your Service Providers and Support Workers on time 
  • Provide info and answer questions about what you can spend 
  • Help you track your budget and offer alerts
  • Get in touch with you if you're overspending
  • Help you be flexible in the way you use your funding
  • Help you stay within the NDIS spending rules 

However, these days you need to think about other important criteria. Many small and local Plan Managers unfortunately do not have the resources, privacy and data protection policies in place. You don't want your NDIS plan information at risk.

This is where a larger Plan Management organisation can help. You want to be sure your data is in safe hands, with organisations that have controlled systems.

Local vs. Virtual NDIS Plan Managers

Part of the difficulty of finding the right Plan Manager is that there are many different types of Plan Managers to choose from, like local people or platforms.

Some Plan Managers might have an office to visit - however that's very rare these days and more important criteria exists. These include things like your cyber security, information privacy, reliable payments to providers, phone support and what inclusions they offer, along with their online platform usability.

Most NDIS Plan Managers won't have an in-person office—they provide all their services online or over the phone. They might provide you with an online portal you can track your NDIS funds on and a way to send your invoices to them.

If you need to get in touch with them, you can do this via e-mail or phone.

Online NDIS Plan Management

There are many Plan Managers who only operate online. Each of these has its platform where you can track how your budget is going. You can also see the status of each invoice. 

One of the most prominent online Plan Managers is nib Thrive . Kynd is part of the nib Thrive family of brands. The Plan Managers at nib Thrive include local people offering expert advice to help you get the most out of your NDIS plan.

Tip - It's always a great idea to check the reviews of a Plan Manager on Google to see what other people say about a Plan Manager’s service. These usually tell you what experience other Participants have had with them.

Remember, choosing an NDIS Plan Manager is not about how much they charge. The NDIS price guide sets the price Plan Managers charge. It would be best if you thought about the quality of the service they provide. You could also consider what other services they include. 

How Can NDIS Plan Managers Help?

A good NDIS Plan Manager will advise you on how to simplify your support. They will also help you in getting the most value out of your NDIS plan and funding.

For example, a lot of Plan Managers often refer Independent Support Workers to Kynd because it helps NDIS Participants to receive safer support and more hours.

Kynd also simplifies a lot of aspects of managing your support worker team: from managing different Support Workers to paying invoices, everything’s in one place.

So you definitely want a Plan Manager who is aware of all the best ways to simplify your support and get the absolute best value for money for you!

Always Check The Service Agreement Before Signing

Like with any other NDIS Provider, it’s crucial to check the Service Agreement of a Plan Manager before you sign it. 

And remember that signing a Service Agreement never locks you into using a Provider for life. You can change Plan Management Providers if needed.


Choosing a Plan Manager is not a one-size-fits-all decision. Remember to do what's right for you. Always choose a Plan Manager who doesn't pose any conflicts of interest with you and who will provide good service and helpful information! 

How can we help?

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