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Equine Therapy And The NDIS: What You Need To Know

Humans have an unquestionable bond with animals. Ask anyone who has a pet or has spent time with animals—the consensus would be that spending time with animals is good for our happiness and wellbeing. But have you ever considered spending time with an animal as a form of clinical therapy? Animal-assisted interventions are not only […]

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How To Coach Your Support Worker Team

Support Workers are typically hard-working, kind-hearted, patient people. In fact, most of them have a long list of admirable qualities next to their name. But most of the ones we’ve met aren’t psychic. So a little coaching and communication is required to ensure they understand your needs and can support you best. Coaching your Support […]

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The Safety & Benefits of NDIS Platforms

If you're an NDIS Participant with Self or Plan Managed funding and the flexibility to choose your Support Workers, there are many ways you can find support. You could try a traditional agency, use an online platform like Kynd, put a poster in your local laundry (not recommended!) or even ask your friends and your […]

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How to Choose Your NDIS Plan Manager

Choosing an NDIS Plan Manager is an essential piece of the NDIS puzzle if your funding is plan-managed. A great Plan Manager will make your life simpler! So it’s critical that you choose the right NDIS Plan Manager for your circumstances. But with so many Plan Managers out there, deciding which one suits your needs […]

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My NDIS Application Was Approved - What's Next?

Congratulations! Getting your NDIS application approved is the first step to finding the right support and achieving your goals. So…what’s next? In this article, we’ll dive into the steps following your NDIS application approval including how to plan your NDIS budget, reviewing your support goals, and most importantly…finding Support Workers that are right for you. […]

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How To Write Job Posts To Attract The Right Support Workers

Everybody has unique needs and goals—that’s why writing a great Support Worker job post helps independent Support Workers understand exactly what you're looking for and if they might be suitable for your needs and goals. If you’re using an NDIS support platform like Kynd, it helps to be as specific as possible about what you’re […]

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