Safety first and always

With smarter technology, verifications and controls, we've designed Kynd to offer the best of both worlds—flexibility and choice, with built-in safeguards available for everyone.

It's the safest way for NDIS Participants to find, interact with and book independent Disability Support Worker services.

Everyone on Kynd is verified

A growing NDIS community that's designed for safety and trust.

Support Worker Profiles

Get to know and read about people before ever contacting them. All NDIS Support Workers on Kynd have detailed profiles. Browse and save profiles, and with our magic matching tools, find the best fit!
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Verifications by Kynd
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Self-Declared Information
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Support Services Offered
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Skills and Experience
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Safety Highlights

  • 1

    Choose Your Support Workers
    NDIS Participants and Support Coordinators can choose Support Workers. Goodbye surprises and awkward hellos.
  • 2

    View Booking Details Upfront
    See the exact dates, times, hourly rates and price you have mutually agreed, along with support services request info.
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    Secure and Private Messaging
    Get to know people! Always see who you're chatting with, share more info and ask questions, before and after support bookings.

Smarter Safeguards

The safer way for NDIS Participants and Support Workers to work together.

Your Safety Questions

Here's a few helpful FAQs. Visit the Help Centre for more info!

How does a platform help ensure safe support and work?

For Participants, Family Coordinators, Support Coordinators and naturally, Support Workers, Kynd brings a powerful layer of safeguards for people, whether receiving or offering support. Check out all these 'Smart Safeguards' above. 

When using independent Support Workers without a platform, there are less safety controls, NDIS technology or third-party oversight. This can often lead to challenges in support relationships - such as verifications, bookings, insurance, invoicing, payments, communication, proper boundaries and general safety.

Kynd is the best of both worlds - flexibility and choice, with the benefit of our safety system. It's the safer way to engage with independent Support Workers.

How are Support Workers verified when signing up with Kynd?

All Support Workers using Kynd must pass multiple verifications.

Minimum Verifications for Support Workers:

> Government Photo ID and matching details
> NDIS Worker Screening Check
> Registered ABN (Australian Business Number)
> One or more of the below required qualifications

a. First Aid Training; or b. Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability or Ageing, Home & Community Care or the equivalent qualification); or c. Nursing Degree.

Additional Verifications:

 A Working With Children Check (WWCC) is needed to support people under 18 years old. Participants are also always welcome to request additional documents.

How does Kynd help protect my personal info and privacy?

For NDIS Participants, profile photos are 100% optional, Support Workers you contact only see a first name and surname initial (eg. Sally T.), only basic personal info is requested if and only when needed do we request basic NDIS verifications including a participant number, funding type and the plan start/end dates. You choose what you want to share in Job Posts, Booking Requests and Messages.

For Support Workers, you can choose a public or hidden profile, and you control what you're happy to share in your Profile Story, Applications and Chat Messages. Participants you reply to only see a first name and surname initial (eg. Sally T.)

For more info: Privacy Policy  |  Privacy for Participants  |  Privacy for Workers

Do Support Workers undertake any 'professional development'?

Support Workers on Kynd are independent NDIS Service Providers. This means they can choose what professional training and development they undertake.

Kynd plays an active role in providing Support Workers with helpful resources, guidance in situations, online events, information sessions, and phone support to help their ongoing professional insight. It's a supportive community for workers.

Many Support Workers actively engage in continuing professional development.

As a Participant or Coordinator on Kynd, you can view profiles, decide who suits you and request your Support Workers to complete specific training programs.

What if a Support Worker or NDIS Client isn't right for me?

Naturally, if you ever feel a support relationship isn't working, it's best to have open, honest conversations. Sometimes misunderstandings exist and changes are possible. If it's simply not the right match, you're able to cancel together. 

We recommend always giving people reasonable notice before cancelling.

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