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Find NDIS Support Coordinators - Who's Right For You?

Find NDIS Support Coordinators - Who's Right For You?

Tiare L.
24 Aug 2023 •
3 min read
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Finding the right Support Coordinator can have a big impact on your life.

If you have NDIS funding for a Support Coordinator, it can be really helpful in supporting you to get the most out of your NDIS plan and maximise your funds.

Just like finding the right Support Worker, finding the right Support Coordinator can be tricky. You have your own individual preferences and needs that matter.

There are many to choose from.

Some are independent, some are with organisations that solely offer support coordination, and some are part of large providers.

To help you find the best Support Coordinator for your goals, we’ve shared some things to look out for and some important questions to ask when choosing.

What Is NDIS Support Coordination?

There are 3 levels of Support Coordination that provide different levels of support.

1. Support Connection - Short-term assistance to help you find the right providers for your needs. You coordinate the support and select the providers yourself. They just provide initial guidance.

2. Support Coordination - Longer-term assistance. Support to help you build the skills you need to understand, implement and manage your NDIS plan. You’re not only connected with service providers but they also coordinate all your support. They help build your capacity to live more independently.

3. Specialist Support Coordination - A high level of specialist support for more complex situations. For example, if you need support for specialist health practitioners such as Occupational Therapists or a Social Worker.

How Can A Support Coordinator Help?

  • Explain your NDIS plan and what funding/services are available to you.
  • Organise any assessments needed to qualify for specific funding.
  • Work with you to plan your funding allocation.
  • Help you manage your budgets and ensure you don't overspend funds.
  • Help you find the services you need and connect you with Support Workers.
  • Assistance in setting up an account on platforms like Kynd.
  • Coordinate your service providers to ensure you’re meeting your goals.
  • Help you draft service agreements and manage bookings.
  • Update the NDIS about your progress for reviews and reports.
  • Help you negotiate more funding if necessary for your goals

Tip - If you think you'll need a Support Coordinator to assist you in implementing your NDIS Plan, you need to request that this is included and discuss this inclusion with your Local Area Coordinator at your planning and/or review meetings. It's a truly valuable service.

How To Find NDIS Support Coordinators

It’s so important to find an NDIS Support Coordinator you trust and feel truly comfortable with. They need to have the skills and knowledge to support you.

Here are a couple of things to look out for when doing your research.

They Put You First

A good support coordinator respects your choices and will work with you to find the best outcome for your goals.

They’re Flexible

They understand circumstances change and are open to working with you to adjust your support priorities as needed. They’re innovative thinkers and are able to find fast solutions to challenges that may arise.

They're Not Conflicted

Beware! It's important to ensure your Support Coordinator has no 'conflicts of interest' when they suggest Support Workers or Service Providers to you. Some Participants have reported issues when a Support Coordinator 'channels' them to only use Support Workers from the same organisation.

They’re Reliable

Your Support Coordinator needs to be reliable and available to help you when you need them. They’re strong communicators and frequently keep you updated on policy changes and new service providers that may be relevant to you.

They’re Well-Informed

They're well educated in different types of disability and deeply understand the challenges people living with a disability face. They have a strong understanding of your local service provider landscape and can recommend options for you.

Find a Disability Support Coordinator

What Questions To Ask?

When you're looking for a Support Coordinator to help with implementing your NDIS Plan, it's important to ask the right questions. Take your time if possible and see who suits your needs best. It's not always easy to find NDIS Support Coordinators, but it's important to get yourself a coordinator who will truly help your personalised goals.

  1. Have you worked with people who have a similar situation to me?
    What types of disability, goals, interests, age, support needs etc.
  2. How have you assisted them to achieve the goals in their NDIS plan?
  3. What specialist knowledge do you have that could help my situation?
    For example, language or cultural understanding, background in mental health, strong understanding of the primary school system etc.
  4. Do you have any initial ideas on how we could achieve my goals?
  5. What support can you provide me?
  6. What are your fees? How will you charge me? Can I approve your invoices?
  7. How will you communicate with me?
  8. What does my success look like to you?
  9. Why did you decide to become a Support Coordinator?
  10. Are you open to assisting me to find and use independent Support Workers?
  11. Are you a registered or unregistered NDIS Support Coordinator?
  12. Do you or your organisation offer direct support services as well?
  13. How will you ensure there's no conflict of interest in your suggestions?
  14. What is your network like within the local area/region where I live?
  15. What’s your notice period for ending our service agreement?

Where Can I Find A Support Coordinator?

There are many ways to find NDIS Support Coordinators to interview. You can...

  • Google things like 'find a support coordinator'
  • Request recommendations in Facebook Groups
  • Ask the Kynd Team for suggestions in your area
  • Search for 'independent Support Coordinators'
  • Login to the NDIS MyPlace Portal for more links

Choosing a Support Coordinator can make a big difference to your quality of life.

It’s important to take the time to do your research, ask lots of questions up front and make sure you find the best person for you. They can become your partner in finding and interviewing Support Workers, and maximising your NDIS support.

How can we help?

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