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Why We’re Here…

For too long, the way people with disability and their Support Workers get together has been complex, costly and offered little control, so we created a platform that helps people connect, save and get 100% personalised help.

This is about people. Disability can impact any of us or our families. Life isn’t linear. Things can change quickly and often… unexpectedly. Disability doesn’t discriminate. It impacts everyone across Australia and it’s time for change.

When you have the right support or the right work, life gets better. It’s the pebble in the pond, with positive ripple effects for so many. It could mean a happier lifestyle, fulfilling your dreams and new opportunities for yourself.

Help people find the right NDIS support,
as the right support changes everything.

By bringing local people together, we solve problems together. This world needs personalised support and work. Kynd is empowering people because ultimately, people give support and the right support changes everything.

When choosing ‘Support Pros’ with Kynd, you’re choosing to have freedom.

You’re making a positive difference. You’re helping local people to work for themselves. That directly helps their family, your shared community and your local economy. It puts dollars in local pockets – and right now, that’s needed more than ever. By using Kynd, you aren’t helping fund pointless checklists, fleets of cars or fancy offices – that stuff doesn’t exist. You’re helping people.

It’s about simpler, better, smarter support.

It’s about more opportunities for everyone.

It’s about surprise acts of kindness together.

It’s about building the future, not the past.

And we believe… that’s Kynd.



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