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Using your NDIS funding on holidays

NDIS Supported Holidays

An NDIS supported holiday is a great opportunity to reunite with family and friends, escape the monotony of daily life and recharge the batteries.

To ensure your holiday is the palm tree swaying sojourn you’re dreaming of, we’ve put together a handy NDIS holiday article.

We’ll cover off big questions like will the NDIS pay for holidays? And suggest ways to save funding by finding a Support Worker in the area you’re travelling to.

Whether it’s an almighty expedition or a staycation an hour up the road. Being prepared will ensure your much-deserved trip is stress-free and well supported.


What does the NDIS pay for?

Will the NDIS pay for holidays? That’s the question on everyone’s lips around Christmas and Easter time. The short answer is: some bits and sometimes.

If you’re hoping they’ll cover bottomless cocktails and 7 new bikinis, you’ll be sorely disappointed. But other expenses might be covered.

The first thing to make sure of is whether or not the holiday lines up with achieving the goals mapped out in your approved NDIS plan.

If so, you may find the NDIS will cover some of your holiday expenses.

To understand what parts of your holiday could be covered by the NDIS, consider which of your holiday costs would be incurred by anyone having a holiday (think food and accommodation).

Think about what costs you are incurring as a direct result of your disability. For example, special equipment or taking along a Support Worker.

Here are some holiday expenses the NDIS may cover:

  • The expenses related to using a Support Worker during your trip if required
  • The expenses related to taking specialised equipment with you, such as excess baggage fees
  • Extra accommodation costs, such as the additional fees required for an accessible room
  • Extra travel costs, such as the additional fees for hiring an accessible vehicle


will ndis pay for holidays


Finding a Support Worker in your holiday destination

If travelling far from home, you may wish to save money by finding a Support Worker in the destination you are travelling to.

Online platforms like Kynd make it simple to search for Support Workers in a particular area that you’re travelling to.

You can use filters to search for location, age, gender or specific qualifications.

Once you’ve found someone that ticks your boxes, you can chat further using Kynd’s secure message system.

This gives you a chance to get to know each other prior to confirming a booking.

This can save you spending your precious NDIS funding on flights, accommodation, meals and overtime hours for the Support Worker you typically use at home.

Learn more about maximising your NDIS Funding here.


Using NDIS funding overseas

If you’re thinking of taking a bigger journey overseas, there are a few more complexities to consider when it comes to NDIS funding.

If you bring your own support workers with you, you can typically use your NDIS funding for up to 6-weeks when abroad.

This is typically only applicable for independent Support Workers through self-managed or plan-managed funds. Agency managed plans don’t usually offer overseas support.

Everyone’s circumstances are different. If you’re planning an overseas holiday and would like to take your support worker with you, talk to your Plan Manager or Support Coordinator.

They’ll be able to help you understand how your unique NDIS plan can support you when travelling.

ndis supported holidays


What to discuss with your Support Worker

If you decide you would prefer to take your own Support Worker on your holiday with you, a bit of preparation and good communication is helpful before you book anything.

Some things to consider and discuss include:

  • Where will your Support Worker sleep? Will they have a private bedroom and bathroom or need to share?
  • What will your Support Workers work hours be? It’s a good idea to allocate some free time, particularly on a holiday of more than 2 or 3 days, so that your Support Worker can recharge their batteries.
  • What will your Support Worker eat? Will they share meals with you or need to arrange their own food?
  • What tasks will you need help with? Perhaps there are additional tasks that you don’t usually require from them.
  • Who else will they be interacting with? For example, will you be meeting friends or staying with family?
  • Rates of pay. This could be different to usual fees, particularly if additional tasks are required or the days fall over a holiday or long weekend.


Things to consider when planning your holiday

Once you’ve wrapped your head around the ways the NDIS supports holidays, it will be time to map out the finer details of your trip.

It’s easy to get caught up in the journey there and the journey home. The time in between spent actually enjoying the holiday can sometimes get forgotten.

Think ahead about any special activities you might like to do and what you may need to make them easier to enjoy.

With the right support, an incredible holiday is well within reach.


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