Introduction Fees

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For the services we provide, Kynd has introduction fees. However, good news!

We agree to waive the Introduction Fees provided that any and all types of services and support between Members, Participants and Support Workers are processed as bookings on Kynd, with invoicing and payments through Kynd.

Introduction Fees do not apply for our BYO (Bring Your Own) Program.

If you BYO Client or Support Worker, Introduction Fees will never apply.

Read more details about the Introduction Fees within our Terms of Use.

Current Fees

If you directly or indirectly solicit, approach, or engage a Member, Participant or Support Worker to access or provide any services by you or any third-party in a way that bookings (regardless of whether they are one-off or repeating bookings) will not be made via the Kynd Platform and/or Support Fees are not paid or will not be paid via Kynd, then the waived Introduction Fee will become payable.

The Introduction Fees are:

For Support Workers - AUD $2,000

For Members & Participants - AUD $1,000

For Organisations* - AUD $3,000 

* If you as a Member on Kynd are an Organisation or Company.

Fees are quoted without GST. GST applies to Introduction Fees.

You can reach our team via or 07 5559 6532.