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MyGC / City of Gold Coast: Innovation Showcase with Kynd

One in five people in our community live with some form of disability and when the Corona Virus pandemic began people still needed access to support and services despite their restrictions.

Kynd launched some new virtual options to ensure the support and services continued. Kynd Founder Michael Metcalfe said “Before COVID-19 people would typically meet at someone’s house or somewhere in the community, that all came unstuck with COVID-19. We immediately implemented non-contact support and remote support so people could still get their groceries delivered, have their medication picked up and delivered to their doorstep or they could connect via video on zoom, google hangouts and even phone.”

“We’ve taken the world of physical 1 on 1 support into a virtual world of support and we’ve been amazed by the response.

There are a lot more people looking to support work as a new form of income to help people in their area and people need NDIS support.

It makes everything so convenient for both people and for families to get the work they need and continue the support they need, ” said Mr Metcalfe.

This video was first featured on MyGC.

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