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What Is The NDIS? A Simple Introduction

We won’t blame you if you compare understanding the NDIS to, say, the laws of physics or rocket science. From payment portals to confusing policies, there’s a lot to wrap your head around and every step of your NDIS journey brings questions. And in the spirit of asking questions, here are some meaty ones: What […]

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How Can I Help My Child With Anxiety Before School?

Whether it's your child's first year of school or just the commencement of a new year, anxiety before school can cause a lot of stress on the entire family As children begin going back to school, many parents find themselves wondering how they can help their child with anxiety when starting school. Thankfully, because so […]

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Can I Use My Plan Funding For Supported NDIS Holidays?

NDIS holidays! It's an interesting topic for sure. If an NDIS-supported holiday is 'reasonable and necessary' given your funding and plan goals, it's certainly a great opportunity to reunite with loved ones and escape the monotony of daily life. Let's jump right in... will the NDIS fund my holiday? Generally, the answer is NO. The […]

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Find NDIS Support Coordinators - Who's Right For You?

Finding the right Support Coordinator can have a big impact on your life. If you have NDIS funding for a Support Coordinator, it can be really helpful in supporting you to get the most out of your NDIS plan and maximise your funds. Just like finding the right Support Worker, finding the right Support Coordinator […]

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Support Worker Interview Questions – Your Guide to Find the Right People
  • Learn about ABC
  • Learn about ABC
  • Learn about ABC
  • Learn about ABC
  • Learn about ABC
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'Reasonable & Necessary' - How To Spend NDIS Funding

Managing your NDIS Plan and how to spend NDIS funding can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re a new NDIS Participant or family. It's time to learn about 'reasonable and necessary'. Understanding exactly what the NDIS can pay for and how to best spend your NDIS funding can be confusing. With your NDIS funds, it’s important […]

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