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Find the right NDIS Support Worker.

BYO Support Team

Good news! You can now ‘Bring Your Own‘ support workers and use Kynd.


Why BYO?

NDIS support and services can be so complex, impersonal and yep, costly!

There are so many reasons to try a new way. Anything below ringing a bell?

  • You feel stressed by managing and paying your workers
  • You have to get started fast and ensure you’re all insured
  • You need real flexibility and one easy system for support


In a nutshell…

  • You can pay lower rates, control your NDIS and save big time.
  • Your team can earn more, help you directly and… be happier!


How it works?

  • Email or call (07) 5559 6532
  • For Self & Plan Managed NDIS. Available Australia wide
  • Get started by creating your free Kynd Member account
  • Ask your Support Worker/s to signup with Kynd online
  • Get setup fast with our free same-day BYO setup service
  • We’ll give you a tour and help set up your initial rosters


Your team can also setup a ‘Private Profile’, so they aren’t listed publicly.


What’s Included?

No signup, exit or surprise fees

Use of Kynd’s platform and app

Ready-to-go Service Agreement

Plan your shifts / rosters together

Choose your hourly rates together

Easily manage support bookings

See your entire team in one place

Secure messaging with your team

$20M insurance cover (more info)

Kynd’s local phone/email support


Payments & Fees

  • You’ll only pay for the hours and rates you agree.
  • As a Kynd Member, you get to ‘Approve’ every shift before invoicing.
  • We’ll email invoices to your Plan Manager or if Self Managed, to you.
  • We’ll send payouts to your team each fortnight for shifts you approve.
  • Your team keeps 91% of their rate, with our low 9% BYO fee deducted.
  • We’ll give your team helpful info, so managing their tax is easy!


All this good stuff means… it’s ‘kind of’ win-win.

Give us a ring on 07 5559 6532… you’ll love BYO.


 Want to BYO 3 or more Support Workers? Ask about special rates.

Need More Reasons to BYO Support?

  1. It’s free to join Kynd
  2. Gain choice & control
  3. Lowest available fees
  4. No lock-in agreement
  5. Insurance is included
  6. No corkage. Ha, get it?
  7. And cancel anytime


We believe the right support changes everything.

You need a happy and loyal team. Help them feel empowered and rewarded.

NDIS support shouldn’t be costly, complex or out of your control. We’re here to empower you. Your team will love the difference and you’ll be their biggest fan!

To start your BYO Setup, call (07) 5559 6532 or get in touch below.



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