Need a little help?

Find the right NDIS Support Worker.

BYO Support Workers

You can invite and ‘Bring Your Own’ NDIS Support Workers to Kynd.

Why BYO?

Organising Support Workers can be complex and manual. You’re juggling and checking everything. It’s a big hassle and takes time.

Paying those invoices, checking the documents and insurances, and constant admin and paperwork. People may need to start quickly. You need flexibility, new solutions and your Support Workers in one place.

→ Simplify everything and ‘BYO Support Workers’ with Kynd.

How it Works?

  • If you’re not on Kynd, create your free Member account
  • Get in touch to use our free ‘same-day’ BYO setup service
  • Ask your NDIS Support Workers to create their account

What’s Included?

All your normal Kynd inclusions
Ready-to-go Service Agreements
See Support Workers in one place
Agree your hourly rates together
Secure messaging with your team
$20M insurance cover, more info
Kynd’s phone and email support

+ Lower BYO Fees!

  • As always, you only pay the hourly rates you agree (no extras)
  • Your Support Workers access a low 7% BYO fee by using Kynd

Ready to BYO Support Workers? You’ll love how simple this is.

Call (07) 5559 6532 or email us with your Support Worker/s name.

We’ll help you all get started, with our same-day setup service.


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