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Find the right NDIS Support Worker.

BYO Clients with Kynd

You can invite and ‘Bring Your Own’ NDIS Participant Clients to Kynd.

Why BYO?

Life as a Support Worker can be complex, manual, and costly. There’s daily challenges and hassles. Insurance is so expensive and difficult to arrange. Managing schedules is tricky. You’re losing money and time.

Sending (and chasing) invoices, tracking a Participants NDIS dates, and doing paperwork is painful. You want to see your Clients’ in one place.

→ Simplify everything and ‘BYO Clients’ with Kynd.

How it Works?

  • For Self & Plan Managed NDIS Clients Australia wide
  • If you aren’t on Kynd… create a Support Worker account
  • Get in touch to use our free ‘same-day’ BYO setup service
  • Ask your NDIS Participant Client/s to create an account

What’s Included?

All your normal Kynd inclusions
Ready-to-go Service Agreement
See all your Clients in one place
Agree your hourly rates together
Secure messaging with all Clients
$20M insurance cover, more info
Kynd’s phone and email support

+ Lower BYO Fees!

  • Keep 93% of your agreed rate, with our low 7% BYO Client fee
  • We’ll give you helpful tax info, so managing your taxes is easy!

Ready to BYO NDIS Clients? You’ll love how simple things are.

Call (07) 5559 6532 or email below with the Participants/s name.

We’ll help you all get started, with our same-day setup service.


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